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RF Integration
Expand the benefits of an integrated ERP system by bringing real time information and transactions to the Distribution and Manufacturing floors. 

RF Integration software enables distribution staff to Receive Inventory, Record Manufacturing Production, Move Inventory, Pick Sales Orders and Ship Orders and many other transactions via wireless mobile devices. Distribution Efficiency goes up/costs go down and Inventory Accuracy go up.

First Descent LLC has extensive experience implementing RF Integration market leaders:

  • dcLink® from DSI
  • RFSmart®

JD Edwards® Consulting
Our consultants are experts in their fields. Period.

Upgrades, new installations or enhancements to existing functionality. Our consultants will explain the available software tools and help match your company's requirements to the available tools.

Warehouse Management. A task and rules driven Warehouse Management System built into JD Edwards®.  Many companies already own the software and are not using it.

Transportation Management. An advanced tool for managing and consolidating Shipments, Rating and Routing, generating shipping documents automatically, and handling Freight Cost accrual and payments.

EDI.  EDI usage continues to expand across all industries.  Meet Customer requirements for distribution-related EDI like ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) transmission and shipping unit (carton or pallet) labeling and serialization using JD Edwards®.

Sales Order Management. The diverse module for all things shipped from a company - including Direct Ship and Transfers.

Fulfillment Management.  A tool to manage sale of limited inventory to the right customers and customer service level requirements are met.

Inventory Management.  Track inventory from receipt or manufacturing through a warehouse to shipping.  Monitor & manage inventory accuracy via Cycle Counting and Physical Counts. Manage inventory with Lot or Serial Number Tracking.

Procurement & Supply Planning.  Stock planning, in-transit tracking, receiving, inspection and post-receipt matching. MRP and DRP planning.

Shop Floor Control.  Record manufacturing production, and issue production components.