First Descent LLC

Distribution consultancy

business process consulting

Our Consultants are not just JD Edwards® experts - they are experienced Distribution and Manufacturing experts well versed in best practice operations.  Find opportunities for your software tools to do more for your company.

Business Process Assessment:

  • Existing Business Process Analysis - Review existing business processes and recommend best practice changes, simplification and standardization.
  • Process Improvement – Develop new Business Processes based on industry best practices, tailored to the unique requirements of your company.  Collaborate with Your Team on Improving Efficiency and Reducing Costs

Software Usage Assessment:

  • Improved Software Usage - Find ways to get more from the software your company is already using
  • New Functionality Opportunities - Reduce cost, improve operations efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction by taking Advantage of  Modules and Functionality your company may already own.
  • Software Modification Design & Development – Experts in Modifying Supply Chain Modules to Meet the Unique Requirements of Your Business

Industry Specialties
Our consultants have expereince across today's industries - including help clients harvest, process and distribute fruit, deliver mined sand, build airplanes, manufacture and ship automobile parts,and manufacture and distribute liquor - and much more.

• Distribution to Retail Customers

• Food/Beverage Processing & Distribution
• Pharmaceutical Processing & Distribution
• Third Party/Outsourced Warehousing
• Third Party/Outsourced Transportation Management
• Procurement
• Mining

• Aircraft/Aerospace Manufacturing
• Integrated Manufacturing & Distribution Companies